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AC311A Helicopter Gets CAAC Type Certificate
2016-08-17 16:07:52   Source:China Aviation Daily   comment 0
Core tip:AC311A,alightcivilianhelicopterjointlydevelopedbyAVICHelicopterCo.(Avicopter)andChangheAircraftIndustryGroup,wasofficiallycertificatedonTuesday,August16,markingacrucialstepforwardforthejet'sentryintothemarket.TheCivilAviationAdministrationofChina(CAAC)issuedatypecertificatetoAvicopterduringaceremonyheldinNanchang,JiangxiProvince,allowingcommercialo ...

AC311A, a light civilian helicopter jointly developed by AVIC Helicopter Co. (Avicopter) and Changhe Aircraft Industry Group, was officially certificated on Tuesday, August 16, marking a crucial step forward for the jet's entry into the market.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) issued a type certificate to Avicopter during a ceremony held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, allowing commercial operation of AC311A helicopter.

Developed on the basis of AC311 helicopter, AC311A, nicknamed "Air Wizard", is a 2-tonne single engine light utility helicopter, seating 6 persons.

The AC311A helicopter improved its maximum takeoff weight to 2,250kg, as well as high-altitude performance and over-all properties. It is designed for business flying, transportation, aerial photography, firefighting, agriculture, forestry spraying, emergency rescue, police and law enforcement, especially at high altitudes.

At present, Avicopter has developed a series of AC civil helicopters in a relatively complete pedigree, including the one-tonne AC310 helicopter, the two-tonne AC311 helicopter, the four-tonne AC312 helicopter, the 7-tonne AC352 helicopter and 13-tonne AC313 helicopter.

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