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Chongqing to Build Light Aircraft
2016-09-01 11:08:37   Source:China Daily   comment 0
Core tip:TheChongqingGeneralAviationIndustryGroup(CGAG)signedanagreementwiththeNanjingUniversityofAeronauticsandAstronautics(NUAA)onaprojectformanufacturingalightaircraftintheChongqingmunicipality,onAug.23.ThelightaircraftwithfourseatswillbenamedCG-231,preparingpilotstrainingforgeneralaviation,andallowingone-to-onepilottraining.CGAG,cooperatingwiththeNUAA,w ...

The Chongqing General Aviation Industry Group (CGAG) signed an agreement with the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) on a project for manufacturing a light aircraft in the Chongqing municipality, on Aug. 23.

The light aircraft with four seats will be named CG-231, preparing pilots training for general aviation, and allowing one-to-one pilot training. CGAG, cooperating with the NUAA, will make full-use of its strengths in technical capabilities and resources. The first example is expected to come off the assembly-line in June 2017.

The light aircraft is a focus of the company, which will become its first independently-produced aircraft. The success of CG-231 will boost China's aviation industry and expand the global light aircraft market, according to the CGAG.

Located in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, with registered capital of three billion yuan (US$450 million), the Chongqing General Aviation Industry Group has focused on helicopter research and control technology for the past five years. CGAG is also a large-sized centrifugal compressor, blower and fan manufacturer within China, with its own intellectual property rights and independent innovation capabilities.

Established in 1952, NUAA is operated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and is renowned nationally for its research in the field of helicopter design. NUAA attaches great importance to scientific research on helicopter designs and rotorcraft dynamics, with a strong professional research team.


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