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Nanjing Prepares for China's First General Aviation University
2016-09-13 08:54:15   Source:China Aviation Daily   comment 0
Core tip:The2016GoldenAutumnEconomicandTradeFairhasbeensuccessfullyheldinNanjing.Themunicipalgovernmenthostedthesigningceremonyof64keyprogramsontheafternoonofSeptember8,amongwhich,NanjingwillwelcomethefirstcivilaviationuniversityinChina,investedbyAviationIndustryCorporationofChina(AVIC),reportedYangtzeEveningPost.Therewillbe185.7billionyuaninvestedinthisyea ...

The 2016 Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair has been successfully held in Nanjing. The municipal government hosted the signing ceremony of 64 key programs on the afternoon of September 8, among which, Nanjing will welcome the first civil aviation university in China, invested by Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), reported Yangtze Evening Post.

There will be 185.7 billion yuan invested in this year's Economic and Trade Fair and the most remarkable program is the cooperation between Jiang Bei New District and AVIC General Aircraft Company, ltd, which will invest 5 billion yuan to build China's first general aviation university in Nanjing with the collaboration of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), in a bit to foster general aviation talents to meet the need of this rapid developing industry.


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