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Beech 35 plane crash in the North Cascases, 1 survived
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Core tip:Girlwalksoutwoods,saysshesurvivedplanecrashUpdate:BELLINGHAM,Wash.—A16-year-oldgirlwalkedthroughthewoodsafteraplanecrashintheNorthCascasesfor twodays,untiladriverspottedheratatrailheadneararuralWashingtontownMondayafternoon.QuickFacts:Girlwalked

Girl walks out woods, says she survived plane crash

Update: BELLINGHAM, Wash. — A 16-year-old girl walked through the woods after a plane crash in the North Cascases for twodays, until a driver spotted her at a trailhead near a rural Washington town Monday afternoon.

Quick Facts:
Girl walked into a store claiming to be crash victim
Plane was due in Lynden Saturday at 4 p.m.
Looking for any cellphone and beacon signals
Searching 50 sq mile area near Omak
Status of other two people unclear

A driver took Autumn Veatch, 16, to a Mazama store where an employee at the store, who is also an EMT, helped her.

The plane that took off from Kalispell, Montana dropped of the radar near Omak, Washington on Saturday afternoon.

The teen told crews the general area where the plane crashed

Autumn was sent to the hospital after the EMT said she was dehydrated.

Her injuries are non-life threatening and minor.(Aviation inspector)


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