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Plane crash at Craters of the Moon kills Idaho pilot
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Core tip:BOISE—Toxicologytestsareplannedonthebodyofa21-year-oldcommercialpilotwhodiedafterhisbackcountry aircraft crashedwithin Craters oftheMoonNationalMonumentinsouth-centralIdaho.NeilMacNichol,ofMcCall,diedofbluntforcetraumainthecrashTh

BOISE — Toxicology tests are planned on the body of a 21-year-old commercial pilot who died after his backcountry aircraft crashed within Craters of the Moon National Monument in south-central Idaho.

Neil MacNichol, of McCall, died of blunt force trauma in the crash Thursday, Blaine County Coroner Russ Mikel said Tuesday.

Mikel said MacNichol was flying from Moab, Utah, to Stanley, Idaho, when he disappeared. The wreckage of the single-engine aircraft was found Friday on a portion of the monument managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in an area called Laidlaw Park.

Laidlaw Park is high desert with sage brush that’s surrounded by old lava flows, said Karl Pearson, chief ranger at the monument for the National Park Service.

The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting theinvestigation. The agency declined to comment Tuesday.

MacNichol is listed as an instructor at McCall Mountain Canyon Flying Seminars, which specializes in backcountry flying.(Suasnews)


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