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Impressive mid-year results for Avinco with 18 helicopter transactions
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Core tip:Avincoonceagainproveditsabilitytoperforminspiteofaslowglobalmarket,with18helicopterstransactionsachievedinthefirstsemester2015,ofwhichfoursalesfromitsownportfolio.Despiteachallengingmarketinthefirsthalfof2015,Avincoboastedaircraftsalesacrossmostregio

Avinco once again proved its ability to perform in spite of a slow global market, with 18 helicopters transactions achieved in the first semester 2015, of which four sales from its own portfolio.

Despite a challenging market in the first half of 2015, Avinco boasted aircraft sales across most regions and segments.

This yet again strengthens Avinco’s position as worldwide market leader in the second hand helicopter trading segment, and comforts its strategic decision to expand to key markets such as South East Asia and Russia.

2015 sees the further development of the VIP segment for Avinco, offering VIP Helicopters to private owners / corporate operators worldwide. Avinco has already closed two VIP transactions this year and is currently offering very attractive VIP assets such as a EC155B1, EC145 (Mercedes Benz) and EC130T2.

Avinco CEO, François Gautier, says “We are actually very optimistic for 2015 despite the current market conditions in the oil and gas and mining segment. Our diversification strategy and global presence are paying off, and we have very promising prospects for the second part of 2015 especially in the VIP segment.”(Avinco Press Release)


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