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Plane crashes near Legendary Run Golf Course
2015-07-21 14:57:38   Source:www.zgtyfly.com   comment 0
Core tip:CrewsrespondedtoaplanecrashnearLegendary RunGolfCourseSundaynight.Authoritiessaidnoone was injuredinthecrash,andthepilotwasabletogetoutoftheplaneunderhisownpower.Officials saidtheplanewas flying outofClermontCountyAirpor

Crews responded to a plane crash nearLegendary Run Golf Course Sunday night.

Authorities said no one was injured in the crash, and the pilot was able to get out of the plane under his own power.

Officials said the plane was flying out of Clermont County Airport when it experienced engine trouble.

The plane was flying over the golf course but the pilot said he didn’t want to hit anyone, so he put it down in the backyard of a house near the course.

The pilot was the only person in the private plane. (Aviation Inspector)


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