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Heli SGI announces the import of the first BK117-850D2 into Indonesia
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Core tip:ThecertificationfromtheDirectorateGeneralofCivilAviation(DGCA)forIndonesiaisthefifthSTCapprovaltobeissuedfortheBK117-850D2andjoinsFAA,EASA,NZCAA,andTransportCanada.HeliSGIPhotoPTSayapGarudaIndah(HeliSGI)ispleasedtoannouncethatthefirstBK117-850D2tobei

The certification from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for Indonesia is the fifth STC approval to be issued for the BK117-850D2 and joins FAA, EASA, NZCAA, and Transport Canada. Heli SGI Photo

PT Sayap Garuda Indah (Heli SGI) is pleased to announce that the first BK117-850D2 to be imported into Indonesia will arrive at Benoa Heliport, Bali in the coming quarter. The BK117- 850D2 has recently gained STC certification with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for Indonesia. This approval has been a collaborative effort between Airwork and Heli SGI. This is the fifth STC approval to be issued for the BK117-850D2 and joins FAA, EASA, NZCAA, and Transport Canada.

This BK117-850D2 helicopter is a fully Cat A, Class 1 compliant helicopter at Max All Up Weight giving it that extra safety margin which is great news for helicopter operators of Indonesia who can now use the multi-role BK117-850D2 for onshore/offshore, mining support, fire fighting, EMS/SAR, police or passenger transport.

The aircraft can be fitted out to the customer’s specific requirements or standard utility specification, which includes nine-place seating, sand filter protection, cargo hook and mirror.

Ronnie Fahy, CEO of Heli SGI said, “This is an great step forward for Heli SGI and shows the company’s long term commitment to serving Indonesia with a premium helicopter service. This aircraft type has been proven to be a game changer in Papua New Guinea, which has a similar landscape and market to Indonesia. The BK117-850 provides a safe, efficient and reliable platform and will no doubt prove to be a favorite for the Resource Industry in Indonesia as it has proven to be elsewhere in Australasia, Canada, South America and Africa. There has been strong interest thus far from potential clients and all are eagerly anticipating the aircrafts arrival.” (Heli SGI Press)


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