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Legal statement

1 related laws

Users of this website shall comply with the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the protection of computer information system, the security protection regulations of the people's Republic of China on computer information system, the administration of international networking of computer information network, the Provisional Regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of computer information network, and its implementation measures. In any case, if the world military reasonably believes that any of your actions, including but not limited to any of your comments and other acts of violation or may violate any of the above laws and regulations, the website may at any time without any prior notice to terminate the service to you.

2 user responsibility

The responsibility of the user to bear the transmission content alone. Users must follow:

(1) from the outside of China, it must be in conformity with the relevant laws and regulations of China;

(2) not interfere or disrupt the network service;

(3) compliance with all relevant agreements, requirements and procedures;

(4) the protection of intellectual property rights is not subject to infringement.

Users must promise not to transmit any unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, intimidating, injury of, vulgar, obscene information. In addition, the user can not transmit any information to constitute a crime of criminal behavior; can not transmit information to encourage domestic adverse conditions and related to national security, can not transmit any information that does not comply with local regulations, national laws and international laws, not publicly infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others. Unauthorized access to other computer systems. If the user's behavior does not comply with the above mentioned service terms, all the legal responsibilities arising from this.

3 privacy clause

Privacy protection statement is a commitment to protect the user's personal privacy. In view of the characteristics of the network, the site will inevitably have a direct or indirect interaction with you, so that the site of the user's personal information collected, use and protection policies.

When you have a variety of activities on the site, such as registered users to become the forum users, subscribe to submit personal information, please be assured that we are not in the case of your consent, will not be any of your information in any way to disclose to any party.

This site will be the data you provide for strict management and protection, this website will use corresponding technology, to prevent your personal data is lost, stolen or been altered.

4 link

Links to other Internet sites or resources available on this website. Since the site can not control the site and resources, you should understand and agree that the above sites or resources are available, the site is not responsible for the existence or from any of the above sites or resources, advertising, products or other information, the site is not guaranteed or negative. You further agree that the site is not responsible for any direct or indirect responsibility for any damage or loss arising from the use or reliance on any of the sites or resources, or any damage or loss arising from any of the above sites or resources.

5 copyright statement

All original text, pictures, signs and other intellectual property rights owned by the website, which are subject to the relevant laws. Disputes about the ownership of intellectual property rights shall be settled through consultation with the website. Any person (other than the national laws and regulations of the State shall not be reproduced, reproduced, published, broadcast, broadcast, etc.) without the written permission of the website.

The site is limited to the use of non commercial information transmission, such as no special statement, the copyright of the site of the various content of the copyright of the copyright owner. If we are reproduced in a violation of your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us, we will be in the shortest time to delete, and I apologize.

6 exemption clause

All of the following conditions may be unexpected or related responsibilities, the site is free of responsibility:

(1) when the case of a special case specified in the privacy clause;

(2) to provide the relevant units of the relevant units in accordance with the requirements of the law enforcement unit or for the purpose of the public;

(3) because you have the user password to inform others or share a registered account or user password protected, in the public computer (Internet, office, many people, such as a computer, etc.) Internet and computer theft caused by leakage, loss, theft, tampering, and the resulting loss of any relevant liability and the interests of any person;

(4) any computer software and hardware failure, computer software and hardware failure, any unforeseen external force and third party acts (such as power supply, network failure, etc.), as a result of government control, can not access, or work can not be normal, and personal information leakage, loss, theft or tampering;

(5) the advertisement, which is issued by the station, is provided by the advertiser, and the station is not responsible for its authenticity. If you need the product or service provided by the advertisement, please contact the advertiser directly. At the same time, the site of friendship to remind the majority of users, the purchase of advertising products, please carefully distinguish the authenticity;

(6) links, reproduced the relevant responsibility of the network information, the article;

7 other

The above statement of the site and its interpretation, the right to change, the right to update the website.